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                              Izzys Gedichte !


At what age does innocence turn to ignorance?
what age are we allowed to stop throwing fits?
when does privilege turn to punishment?
now all your insults turn to compliments
unfortunately all my do�s turn to did�s,
at what age do we stop being kids?´          

Chasco Aftermath

I thought I knew everything about nothing,
but I know nothing about everything
theres ups and downs
smiles and frowns
loves and losses
6�s and crosses
I thought I was on a path seeing straight ahead
but I cant see past my eyes and Im lost instead
darks and lights
strengths and frights
win or lose
pick and choose
I want to choose the path to freedom
I want to gain knowledge and wisdom.               


uncensord thoughts

Lets fuckn rock!
Scream fuckn loud!
forget how cool you are
fuck your inhibitions
and fuck your thoughts
who gives a shit?! LETS FUCKN ROCK!
It doesnt just hit your ears
It doesnt just fill your tears
It doesnt just numb your fears
Anyone who knows, is anyone who hears,
so fuckn rock!
Head to Toe, Heart and Soul
BORN TO ROCK...thats all I know
Fuck the drama, fuck the hate,
FUCKN know its great...

This Moment

For a day, I have someone to sing about
For a few hours, I have someone to think about
For a few minutes, I have someone to infatuate over
For a few seconds my heart is tricked into falling in love
For a moment, I have someone to write about
For now...your my moment.


Her fault 

When food loses its taste, its your fault
when summer loses its heat, its your fault
and im stuck in suspension, and your not
how we locked eyes on stage, I havent forgot
how you stole each breath from my lungs
how you sung each one of your songs
and now in the haze of infatuation your what Ive been waiting for my whole life
and I knew it without looking twice
and now when these memories hold me at bay, its your fault
I could never forget the girl on stage...shes so hot*


The World We Created

For 3 days the world stopped
For 3 days my heart dropped
A weekend with a foreign stranger,
turned into something Ill always remember
If only you could have stayed just 1 more day
now youll haunt me as the 1 that got away
Maybe Ill see you again, maybe I wont
2 Rockstars in love, now separated and alone
I understood you, just like you did me
3 days in time, 2 hearts were set free
So forgive me if I say this 1 thing...
Youll always mean so much more than a holiday fling
Time will tell if well cross paths again
either way fate led me to a beautiful friend* 


Morgan Dreams 

Too much for my head at 7am
not enough for my heart 24-7
my dreams are haunted by characters of my past...why?
somehow my mind is haunted by characters of my future...why?
Its not clear and too blurry to make sense at 7am
rest I need more than granted                                       
I guess thats the price for getting all I ever wanted*

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