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Verse 1:
She’s the kind of girl, makes you look twice
Makes the fellas nod their heads
So fine, that every man would wanna hold her hand
It’s crazy (oh yeah)
Lookin so good to me, she was so tight
Simple words just can’t describe
She was something like a beauty queen from a fashion magazine
(oh maria)

Deep inside, girl I can’t deny it
What I feel, I can’t really hide it 

Mi amor, girl my heart is true for you
I need you Maria

Finest of all the sweet senoritas
Lookin so good I would like to me ya (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
I get a chill whenever I see ya
Shorty I like the way that your booty rolls (oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)

Verse 2:
She’s a perfect ten and she knows it
From her head down to her toes
The kind that makes you want to settle down
And just get married (oh yea)
I would do anything to be near her
Give her all I have and more
Baby girl you are the one for me
You’re my pin-up fantasy (oh Maria)

Baby I need you endlessly
Cause with you is where I wanna be (ohooh

Just because of you

Verse 1 - Jay:
I never believed our love would die,
It’s funny how time just passed us by
I couldn’t imagine you’d walk out my life

And all of the girls that I once knew,
They all disappeared when I met you
You’re all that I ever wanted in my life

I’ll find a way to make you stay, I still believe in our love
I see the truth, because of you, the key to our lasting love


Just because of you, I’m cryin in sadness
Give it one more try, and I’ll do the same
Just because of us, I feel like I’m dyin
So I’m beggin you, wantin you, callin you

Verse 2 - Richie:
I never believed a man should cry,
Until you got up, and said goodbye
I pray for the day, you’ll come back in my life

I’d do anything to make this right

If only I had you by my side
I’m thinking about you baby day and night



Here we go

Verse 1:

You got style

High class from clothes to smile

But l aint here on trial

Ill make it worth your while

No crime

To state whats on your mind

See l aint got the time

To play these games all night


I like the way you move

Cant get enough of you

You put me in the mood


Here we go

Every guy grab a hottie

Whey oh

Coz we gonna get rowdy

Uh oh

Raise your glass everybody

Sip it up and taste it here we go

And if you know that you want it

Go ahead and out your Hands on it

Wont know it feels till U done it

Sip it up ans taste it here we go

Verse 2:

I-am not the kind of guy

Whos just standing by

Im in it for the ride

No use

In tryin to play it cool

When all wanna do

Is be with me tonight

Pre-Chorus 2:

I like the way you move

Cant take my eyes off you

I know what we could do


Ill make U bounce

Keep you up all night

Lets get a little out of line

Keep it poppin till we out of time

(Here we go lets roll)

Imake U bounce

Keep you up all night

Lets get a little out of line

Keep it poppin till we out of time

(Lets roll)




In times when all hope is gone

and sadness fills your heart with pain

You wonder (yea)

If there´s anyone that you can call

To somebody who´s left all alone

PRE-CHORUS: You´re such a loyal friend and now I know that I´ll never find somebody quite like you

I appreciate at the day you came and you stayed


And after everything that we´ve been through

I´m still here with you

Cuz you´re my lady, cuz you´re my lady

I swear I´m goanna make you happy

for the rest of our lives

Cuz you´re my lady and I´m your best friend,

and I´m your best friend


Some people said that we would never survive we showed them that dreams can come true and it´s for sure

Our secret lies behind an endless friendship and nothing could tear us apart




True love is so hard to find

Especially if it´s someone you can call your best friend

No matter what problems occur you will overcome them with her

CHORUS                    *LOL*

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